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Boston Dynamics is a revolutionary robotics company that was founded in 1992. Since then, they have created a growing super robot army that is becoming more and more like their human creators.

Why Boston Dynamics is Building a Super Robot Army. Motech

Boston Dynamics’ Do You Love Me? Video showed off their latest robots, including Spot, which is as graceful as it is precise and can be fitted with a robotic arm to inspect objects before picking them up.


Stretch, a heavy hitter, can unload trucks and build pallets itself, giving it flexibility in a factory or warehouse.

The back-flipping Atlas robot, which weighs 190 pounds and involves 28 hydraulic joints, is the most advanced humanoid robot in the world. It uses complex algorithms to negotiate diverse and dynamic situations.

Boston Dynamics is keen to emphasize the friendly nature of its robot family. Still, the company is preparing to create a military-grade robot that would replace humans in the workforce. However, such a robot would lack the heart and morality of a human.

Boston Dynamics is strictly against weaponizing its machines. Still, Ghost Robotics showcased a quadrupedal robot equipped with a custom gun on its back in one domineering display. Whether these lethal autonomous weapons systems will ever see the battlefield remains to be seen.

Military Robots That Really Exist

10 TERRIFYING Military Robots That Really Exist. TechJoint
  • Artificial soldier
  • Military robot
  • Robotic soldier
  • Cybernetic soldier
  • Cyborg soldier
  • Super-soldiers

These robots are all examples of soldiers that can be artificially enhanced.

Robotic military hardware dates back to the Cold War and World War II, including the MQB-1 Predator drone.

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