Scientists have been investigating solar wind for over 60 years, but there are still some behaviors that we don’t know about. However, by listening to the pressure waves created by the Sun, scientists have discovered some bizarre sounds. The Sun makes distinctive noises that you can listen to in this video.

    This Is What the Sun’s Wind Sounds Like! – V101 Science. The Parker Solar Probe shares a video of various sounds of the wind, revealing their origin.

    Sun generates sound in the form of pressure waves

    The sun produces sound as a result of pressure waves generated by pockets of hot gas traveling at hundreds of thousands of miles per hour. The Sound of the sun cannot be detected by human hearing, but its characteristics are studied with the goal of understanding the sun’s interior.

    There is a Sun’s sound wave that can be used to study the core of the sun. This sound wave, however, is outside of the human range of hearing.

    Scientists use optical, spectroscopic, and radio instruments to measure oscillations originating deep inside the sun’s interior and then convert those readings into sound waves to help them analyze the data.


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