Doctor Reacts to Painful Tiktok Videos

Doctor Reacts to Painful Tiktok Videos

What happens when someone gets hurt during a TikTok video? The doctor reacts to the pain.

In this episode, we will see what happens when someone gets hurt while filming a TikTok video. #tiktok

TikTok is a short video-sharing social media application owned by Chinese company ByteDance Inc. It was launched in 2017 and has become very popular around the globe.

People love to share their daily lives through these videos. They are often funny and entertaining. But sometimes they can also be painful or even dangerous.

Doctor Reacts to Videos

Doctor reacts to videos is a term used when a doctor gives his opinion on a video. This is done through comments, likes, shares, reactions, and so on. The doctor’s reaction can be positive, negative, neutral, or any other type of reaction.

The goal of this project is to find out how many times a doctor reacted to a specific video. We want to know if there was a difference in the number of reactions depending on the age group, gender, location, etc.

TikTok: The Most Painful Video App Ever

Have you ever been watching TikTok videos on YouTube?

Maybe some music video with funny dancing guys or maybe an old clip from the 1980s. Maybe a cat dressed like a robot.

Then suddenly something dramatic happens. A woman screams. She falls down. An ambulance arrives. A doctor comes running down the stairs. He rushes in with his stethoscope. He listens at her neck. Then he listens at her chest.

He looks panicked. He doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on.

She starts crying. The doctor stares at the camera. His face is angry. He tells the audience that she needs to go to the hospital.

Why does this scene upset you? Why did you cry? What’s wrong with the doctor?

We’ve all seen these scenes before. We’ve all heard the same words. But this time it was different.

There were two doctors involved. Two medical experts could have helped this patient. Instead, both doctors reacted according to their training. And that’s the problem.

In the past, people reacted to pain by looking for the most efficient way to treat it. Doctors would focus on treating illnesses. They’d use drugs to control symptoms. They’d try surgery, pills, injections, acupuncture, physical therapy, or even prayer.

That’s why I think TikTok is so powerful

I believe the reason it became so popular is because it allows us to express gratitude.

TikTok lets us share our stories. Also, it lets us show that we appreciate other people. The app shows that we appreciate the small things. It shows that we value our own lives.

When we share those stories, we create opportunities. When we share those stories, that’s community.

People can choose whether or not to watch these videos. But I hope they choose to watch them.

Because if they do, they might realize that they deserve more than they think they deserve.

They might learn that they don’t need a lot. They just need a little bit.