Can You Make Your Own Lego Figures?

Make Your Own Lego Figures

Adam likes to make tiny nerdy things and to relax when he’s stressed out, he likes to relax the little lego. He made his own lego out of aluminium foil and clay and mounted him on a block.

I made a Realistic Lego Man. #clay #lego #realistic

Summary and main points

Lego Man anatomy leans towards a pretty bulky, stocky build, but I want to make sure that this figure is as accurate as possible to a normal Lego Man minifig. To that end, I’m going to make his legs roughly as thick as his body and the same length.

[02:00]: I’ll make a Lego Man with an aluminium foil skull, a piece of clay sushi, and some less than muscular pecs. I’ll give him my apple, and if I’m gonna give him a belly button, then I really ought to give him some nipples.

Using my ball stylus, I poked a couple of eye sockets into appropriately eye sockety areas, carved a starting line for his mouth, and added some wrinkles and skin textures to his face. I baked everything to lock in place, then added his arms and hands.

[05:11]: To paint Lego Man, I’m going to start with a pinkish skin tone, apply a thin layer of yellow over top, and sponge away the excess. The goal is to give the skin a fleshy look, while still keeping the skin tone yellow.

Realistic lego clay

After painting the skin tones, I added some grime to his toenails and fingernails and gave his mouth and eyeballs a coat of black. I also gave his lips a little lip gloss.

[07:05]: I’m going to make Lego Man’s clothes out of colored cosplay, starting with blue for his blue jeans. I’ll use blackout fabric and blue clay to make the fabric texture, then cut out little strips and stick them onto my Lego Man.

At this point, I can add the wrinkles and folds to his jeans by using little wormy dealies.

[08:29]: I’ve been called pants in one sentence and trousers in the next, but I tend to default to calling everything trousers to avoid any unnecessary confusion. I’m not going to bother with textures this time, and I’ll just add little wormy dealies all over the place.

After adding a bit more color, I’ll touch up the edges with a lighter shade and paint a nicer blue base coat over the blue of the clay. I’ll add some Uv resin to his eyes to make him shine.

In the end, I decided to simply make an appropriately sized Lego block, and reframe my laziness as artistic integrity. I’ll throw it in the oven, mount my Lego Man, and we’re on to the glamour shots.

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