Russian paratroopers ‘take out four Ukrainian tanks’ near Kherson

Russian paratroopers 'take out four Ukrainian tanks' near Kherson

According to information from the Russian Ministry of Defense, RUSSIAN forces appear to have destroyed FOUR Ukrainian tanks close to Kherson. A series of massive explosions can be seen in this shocking video from the Russian MoD as tanks appear to burst into flames following aerial attacks. Both the location and the footage have not … Read more

Ukrainian Special Forces DESTROY a whole column of Russian armored vehicles with MLRS missiles

Ukrainian Special Forces DESTROY a whole column of Russian armored vehicles with MLRS missiles

In this video, Ukrainian Special Forces are seen using Multiple Launch Rocket System missiles to obliterate a sizable convoy of Russian military vehicles. SHOCKING MOMENT: Moment Russian Troops Surrender to Ukrainian Armed Forces in IzyumUkraine #NATO Video Archive#Russia #Ukraine #Putin #Russian #RussianArmy #RussiaUkraineWar #Europe #Kharkiv #Zelensky #UkraineWar #Kherson #USA #UK #news — 🌊Danielle Vol🌊 … Read more

NASA Discovered A Planet That Is Unlike Any Planet In The Universe!

NASA Discovered A Planet That Is Unlike Any Planet In The Universe!

J1407b is one of the weirdest planets scientists have discovered. Located about 434 light-years from Earth, this is Saturn on steroids. Studying this eerie world, astronomers struggled to measure its mass precisely. Still, it’s believed to be around 10-40 Jupiter masses. J1407b is also a giant planet, much larger than the biggest planet in our … Read more

Does the Sun make sound? | What noise would the sun make?

Does the Sun make sound

Scientists have been investigating solar wind for over 60 years, but there are still some behaviors that we don’t know about. However, by listening to the pressure waves created by the Sun, scientists have discovered some bizarre sounds. The Sun makes distinctive noises that you can listen to in this video.

This Is What the Sun’s Wind Sounds Like! – V101 Science. The Parker Solar Probe shares a video of various sounds of the wind, revealing their origin.

Sun generates sound in the form of pressure waves

The sun produces sound as a result of pressure waves generated by pockets of hot gas traveling at hundreds of thousands of miles per hour. The Sound of the sun cannot be detected by human hearing, but its characteristics are studied with the goal of understanding the sun’s interior.

There is a Sun’s sound wave that can be used to study the core of the sun. This sound wave, however, is outside of the human range of hearing.

Scientists use optical, spectroscopic, and radio instruments to measure oscillations originating deep inside the sun’s interior and then convert those readings into sound waves to help them analyze the data.

Doctor Reacts to Painful Tiktok Videos

Doctor Reacts to Painful Tiktok Videos

What happens when someone gets hurt during a TikTok video? The doctor reacts to the pain. TikTok is a short video-sharing social media application owned by Chinese company ByteDance Inc. It was launched in 2017 and has become very popular around the globe. People love to share their daily lives through these videos. They are … Read more

Can You Make Your Own Lego Figures?

Make Your Own Lego Figures

Adam likes to make tiny nerdy things and to relax when he’s stressed out, he likes to relax the little lego. He made his own lego out of aluminium foil and clay and mounted him on a block. Summary and main points Lego Man anatomy leans towards a pretty bulky, stocky build, but I want … Read more

Could We Be on the Verge of Finding Alien Life on Other Planets?

Alien Life

People love a good story about aliens, from strange sightings to government cover-ups. Scientists have been trying for decades to answer the question of whether life exists in space. Still, the reality is that we don’t have enough technology to find life in space. Astrobiology is the discipline that studies life beyond our planet. Scientists … Read more

Why Are Ocean Not Getting Saltier?

Are oceans becoming less salty

The sea is salty because rain erodes salts out of rocks, and rivers transport this salt to the oceans, where it accumulates. The sea is made up of: Sodium Chlorine Magnesium Sulfate Calcium Potassium ions, among others… Edmund Halley thought the oceans were getting saltier because rivers added salt to them. But we now know … Read more

What Are Boston Dynamics Robots Used For? | Military Robots

Main image of an article on the subject of robots of Boston Dynamics and the use of robots in the military.

Boston Dynamics is a revolutionary robotics company that was founded in 1992. Since then, they have created a growing super robot army that is becoming more and more like their human creators. Boston Dynamics’ Do You Love Me? Video showed off their latest robots, including Spot, which is as graceful as it is precise and … Read more

What Stranger Things’ SFX Artists Did to Create Vecna

Stranger Things' SFX Artists Vecna

Vecna was covered in K-Y jelly and lube, and a kind of wet-looking gel. He was given a glossy look every day, and producers would regret shaking his hand. The team was approached by the Duffer brothers to create their own iconic villain for this season. They were given various concept art designs by concept … Read more