Tips for Buying a Used Tesla

Tips for Buying a Used Tesla

You should focus on the features of the car and not the year of the car when buying a used Tesla.

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I recommend that you focus on the range that you’re gonna need and get the longest range Ev that you can afford. If you’re looking at older models, I wouldn’t recommend buying one with less than 200 miles of range.

When buying a used Tesla, make sure the warranty is still valid. If you purchase directly from Tesla, you’ll get an additional two-year warranty.

My first Tesla was a 2013 Tesla Model S60 and had two issues, both were fixed on-site at my house via their mobile tech support. I had no issues with my Tesla Model 3, except for one time I hit a pothole.

The Tesla Model X has been decent for me, but the air conditioning went out just after the warranty expired. The Tesla Model Y is still very new, but has had numerous issues related to body panel fitment and the alignment of things like the charge port.

What to look for when buying a used tesla?

Tesla’s warranty is outstanding, so I recommend getting a warranty with your used Tesla and extending that warranty if you’re able to. Also, Tesla tires burn through really quickly, so be prepared to replace them every 20 to 25 000 miles.

Tesla’s Autopilot is a driver assist technology that helps keep you in your lane and adjusts speed and braking based on traffic conditions.

Tesla released several versions of Autopilot, the latest of which was Enhanced Autopilot, which enabled some new features like Summon, which lets you drive the car remotely through your phone, and self-parking.

Elon repeatedly claims that the cars will be fully autonomous any day now, but the first version of autopilot is still the most reliable version in my experience, and I wouldn’t worry about the newer features if you buy a used Tesla.

With all that knowledge at your disposal, you’re ready to go shopping for a Tesla. I can say honestly that no matter which option you pick, you’re gonna be happy with it.