Save data volume: Here’s how

Save data volume

The month is not even half over and your mobile data is already almost used up? Of course, this is rather suboptimal, because when the capacity is used up, mobile Internet connections are unfortunately only available at a snail’s pace. To prevent this from happening, we’ll tell you how you can easily save data volume.

Check the data consumption of your apps

If you want to save data volume, the settings of your smartphone should be your first port of call. As an Android user, you simply navigate to “Connections” and then tap on “Data usage” or “Data consumption.” The name varies depending on the manufacturer. If you have an iPhone, tap on “Mobile network” in the settings.

In this section, you can see which of your apps are using a certain amount of mobile data. If possible, only use the apps at the top of the list when your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. You may also find that you no longer need a particular app. In this case, you can delete it right away.

Use maps and streaming services offline

You can’t do anything without Google Maps or other navigation apps? We can understand that all too well. Especially when traveling, maps are worth their weight in gold. However, you should download the maps to your device if possible and use them offline to save mobile data. Of course, you use a Wi-Fi network for the download.

Do you love binging your favorite Netflix series on the go? In this case, you should also save your mobile data by downloading the corresponding video files and watching them in offline mode. If you occasionally forget to do this and still don’t want to miss your series, you should at least lower the video quality.

Allow downloads only in WLAN

Most smartphones are set to update apps automatically by default. This means that your phone automatically downloads updates when needed – regardless of whether the device uses a Wi-Fi connection or not. Fortunately, you can use the App Manager in the settings to specify that downloads should only be executed in the WLAN.

You should also adjust your WhatsApp settings accordingly. The application automatically downloads all photos and videos that you receive – even if your smartphone is currently accessing your mobile data. In the app’s settings, you can specify that media downloads should only be executed in the Wi-Fi network.

Save data volume with the iPhone: You should deactivate this function

Are you the proud owner of an iPhone? Then you should definitely check the connection options in your device’s settings. If the WLAN Assist function is enabled, the iPhone automatically activates mobile data as soon as the WLAN connection is too weak.

Apple actually wanted to do its community a favor with this, but the feature turns out to be a real data hog in practice. The user often does not even notice that the device has cut the Wi-Fi connection. Thus, it is quite possible that you are watching a YouTube video and allowing your data quota to be drained unnoticed.

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Save data volume: The most important facts in brief

  • Check your phone’s settings to see which app eats up the most mobile data.
  • Use maps and streaming services in offline mode to save your data quota.
  • Set your smartphone to only be able to update your apps on the Wi-Fi network.
  • As an iPhone owner, you can save data volume by deactivating the “WLAN Assist” function.